Zoo Tycoon 2

Create a zoo with extinct animals that include dinosaurs


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Discover and Manage Your Own Animals

Zoo Tycoon is back with another edition of the game. While the format of the game is very similar to Zoo Tycoon 2, the extinct Animals version gives gamers the chance to master the crazy dinosaurs, care for cure dodos and much more. Is this enough to make it a whole new game? Read on to find out.

Extinct animals from some of the most popular beings from the past come back to life and gives gamers the chance to play with them. This is done by hunting for fossils and carefully manipulating them so that the animals are restored to their former glory. Players will then have the chance to care for these animals and, in the case of the rather scary and crazy dinosaurs, try to tame them.

As with the other versions of Zoo Tycoon, players will also use plants and other objects to decorate their new enclosures and create the perfect habitats for their new animals. The rest of the zoo is also waiting to be decorated to encourage visitors to enter and spend their money in the gift shops and concession stands.

The dinosaurs can be quite tricky to control, but fortunately players have the ability to tranquilise them if they get out of hand. A special dinosaur capture team is also on hand to save the day if you discover that keeping the dangerous dinos in check is above your abilities. The animals tend to get sick rather often, and players will also have to turn MD from time to time to analyse illnesses and provide the right medication before the animals take a turn for the worse.

On the face of it, extinct Animals does not offer fans of Zoo Tycoon enough to keep them interested. However, playing with the new animals can be very enchanting and this game become quite addictive before you know if. The educational element is a really nice touch and players will have to spend time researching their new animals and learning all about them so that they can provide each animal with the proper type of care that it needs.

Of course, you don’t have to stick by the rules and players who are becoming a little bored with the regular format will have the chance to mix things up a little. Mixing different species in the same enclosures can be wicked fun, especially when the age old instincts of predators and prey kick in. this is also popular with visitors to the zoo and can help to increase your popularity and revenue.

Players are also given the opportunity to release animals into the wild once they have been successfully nurtured and bred. Another extra element is the mini games, which includes the exciting Dino Rampage game as well as a host of other games that gamers can play when the fun of caring for their animals starts to fade a little and helps keep things feeling fresh.

If you have already played Zoo Tycoon 2, this game will feel very familiar. Although there are not many new features to the game, the elements that have been added are fun and interesting, making it worth checking out. However, if you are not a fan of this type of game you will probably want to give it a miss.


  • Hunting for fossils is a lot of fun
  • New species to discover
  • Take care of cute dodos
  • Engaging mini games to play


  • Only appeals to a certain type of player
  • The new content is a bit limited
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